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November 16, 2011/ March 21, 2012
Aloha family,
We are finally able to inform you of plans for our Kaapuni Reunion in 2012. After almost a year
of planning we are sending you the arrangements as we have it at the present time. Please feel
free to respond about any of the information in this letter.

The dates are set for July 5 -7, 2012 and will be held in Waimea, Hawaii. We are planning on
using the property at Waiaka St. that was purchased by Grandpa John Kaapuniin the late 1800's.
We are including a list of possible hotels and bed and breakfast accommodations that are in close
proximity to Waimea. 
The theme of our reunion is: "Puili ka Pa Mai na Ale 0 ke Kipu 'upu 'u 0 Waiaka" Which means:
To embrace the rippling winds that bring the kipu 'upu 'u rains ofWaiaka. Our kupuna
(grandparents) were dependant on the kipu'upu'u rains for their existence and sustenance. We
also are dependent on the rains that fall in the mountains and hills of Waimea.
So far, our agenda is as follows:

Thursday - Meet at the food court in the Parker Ranch Shopping center at 5 p.m. for
registration and dinner if you wish, at your own expense. In the food court there is Chinese,
Korean, Mexican and American cuisine available for you to purchase. We would like this time to
be a "Meet and Greet" by the families and music will be provided by some of our talented family
members. So bring your instruments and hula expertise so you may join in the fun.

Friday - Meet at 9 a.m. at Waiaka prepared to begin activities. There will be games and
crafts for all as well as talk story and genealogy gathering. If you would like to help with the
days activities and have suggestions, please let us know. Lunch will be served at Waiaka and the
rest of the day may be spent visiting here, or you may have some beach time with your family.
That evening we will have a BBQ at Waiaka with a fabulous nite of entertainment
provided by none other than YOU! We are asking all families to come prepared with a song, act,
story or dance, etc. Our co-ordinator for this event is the lovely Millie McQuivey assisted by
Uncle Tony Phillips "Uncle T".

Saturday - Meet at 9 am. at Waiaka again, prepared to participate in our service projects.
We are planning to clean the gravesite where grandma Ululani Keliiliki Kaapuni and Great
grandmother Kealohapauole Hoohua Kalimaonaona, her mother, are buried. These gravesites
are on the grounds of the Hawaii Preparatory Academy that is located just above our Waiaka
homesite. We are also planning on serenading our aunts, Thelma Bell Kaniho and Mary Ann
Bell Lindsey who are homebound. They are descendants of grandpa Kaapuni's sister Lahapa

We will have continued games and activities for the children while the adults are doing
the service projects. Lunch will be served at Waiaka after the projects are completed. We will
end early enough for families to prepare for the evening dinner.
On this evening we will have a catered Luau, the place still to be determined. We will be
entertained that night by members of our Family. We will also have door prizes which is being
co-ordinated by the lovely Angeline Luahiwa Chong and Grace Phillips Inamine. So if you have
items to donate for door prizes, please contact one of these ladies.
Now comes the hard part, informing you of the cost of the reunion. We are asking for a $10.00
registration fee for all that will be attending above the age of 6 years. This will help us defray
the cost for port-a-potties, rentals of tables and chairs, name tags and printing and mail outs. The
attached registration form will also reflect the cost of the BBQ, Luau and lunches.
We are asking that the Registration fee be paid by Feburary l", 2012 so we may have an idea of
the number of people to plan for. The cost of the meals may be paid any time before July I",

The last item of business we would like to have your help with is a logo for our reunion T-shirts.
We are holding a contest for the art work that would be used on the T shirt. We would like it to
reflect the theme of our reunion. Deadline for the artwork will be March 1st. The winning design
will be posted on our reunion website and used as the official family logo. So, all you budding
artists (old and young), please send in your renditions.
We look forward to hearing from each one of you, and anxiously await your arrival and
Me ka ha'a ha'a (in humility).
Your Kaapuni Reunion Committee,
Barbara Robertson - 808-885-4929 email:
Sandy Hubbell Sproat - 808-885-3664 email:
Noelani Phillips - 808-887-6326 email:

John &, Ululani Kaapuni Family Reunion July 5 - 7 2012
Registration Form
Family Name, (Head of Family)______________________________________
Last___________________First___________________ Middle____________________
Address________________________ City State______________ Zip ________________
Phone #_____________________________ Cell Phone___________ Email______________
( ) Sorry. We will not be able to attend the reunion. please keep me on the mailing list
( ) Yes. The following members will be attending,
Name___________________________ Birth Date ______________________________

(Please list additional names and information on the back of this form, Mahalo)
Registration Fee (covers cost of Lua's, table &. chair rentals and miscellaneous costs) $10.00 ,
# in family x $10.00= _

Registration due February 1,2012. (As soon as possible)
Please make checks Payable to: Mary Kate Benioni or Noelani Phillips
Mail to: PO Box 171. Kamuela. HI 96743 

Meals for Kaapuni Reunion, Family Name __________________ # people _____________
BBQ  $8.00 per person ages 12 and over
Luau. $15.00 per person ages 12 and over
Sack Lunch for 2 days: $4.00 per person ages 12 and over
    Event                        Cost                                                    Amount
     BBQ                      $8.00      x   # people _______               ______________                      
    Luau                       $15.00    x   # people _______               ______________                 
    Sack Lunch            $4.00      x   # people _______               ______________

Total remitted _________________________
Please send in this bottom portion by June 1. 2012. Mahalo
Please make checks Payable to, Mary Kate Benioni or Noelani Phillips
Mail to POBox 171. Kamuela. HI 96743

Friday, May 20, 2011

New Names

Thanks to all of you who have sent me updates. They have been added. Please pass this blogspot information on to anyone in our family. We need volunters to help. We're coming up on 1 year out from our reunion date.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Family Tree 4/29/2011

Hi Everyone!
This family tree is no doubt incomplete but I thought we should start somewhere. This family tree is done with a simple number system by generation. Please look for your name and if it is not there please e-mail me your information. Using myself as an example my number is therefore I am the 5th child, of the third child, of the sixth child, of the third child, of the first generation. Direct line is as follows: John and Ululani, Minnie Mana, Agnes Ululaniokahekili, Barbara Ululaniokahekili, Sandy Anuenue. We really want to do family t-shirts by generation so please find your name and if not let me know.

First Generation
            John Kaapuni and Ululani Keliiliki
Second Generation
            1.1 John Kaapuni
            1.2 Kahaunani Kaapuni
            1.3 Minnie Mana Kamehaikana Kaapuni
            1.4 Sam Ohuleelua Kaapuni
            1.5 Ben Kaonohikalani Kaapuni
            1.6 Rose Kealohapauole Kaapuni
            1.7 Kuulei Kaapuni
            1.8 Joseph Kauhiokalani Kaapuni
            1.9 Eben Maikai Kaapuni
            1.10 Kamuela Kaapuni
            1.11 Kanekawaiola Kaapuni
            1.12 Mary Kalani Kaapuni
Third Generation
            1.1.1 Susan Kahooululani Kaapuni
            1.3.1 Rose Leialoha Nahale-a
            1.3.2 Minnie Kahalao Mapuana Nahale-a
            1.3.3 John Lauae Nahale-a
            1.3.4 Albert Kaulakukuiokamehameha Poai Nahale-a
            1.3.5 Anna Nahale-a
            1.3.6 Agnes Ululaniokahekili Nahale-a
            1.3.7 Rose Lokalia Nahale-a
            1.3.8 Rosalia Nahale-a
            1.3.9 Mary Emma Nahale-a
            1.3.10 William Kaenaokeahi Nahale-a
            1.3.11 Mary Ann (Emma)Nahale-a
            1.3.12 George Kahikilani Nahale-a
            1.4.1 Ululani Kaapuni
            1.4.2 Mele Kaapuni
            1.4.3 Betty Ana Kaapuni
            1.4.4 Sam Kailianu Victor Kaapuni
            1.9.1 Emma Kamoalua Kaapuni
            1.9.2 Leilani Kaapuni
            1.9.3 Isaac Maikai Kaapuni
            1.12.1 John Hooipo Phillips
            1.12.2 Dorothy Elizabeth Phillips
            1.12.3 Grace Magdalene Phillips
            1.12.4 Barbara Tepa Phillips
            1.12.5 Anthony Vincent Phillips
            1.12.6 Milton Maluhia Phillips
            1.12.7 Sandra Ann Phillips
Fourth Generation
   Elizabeth Lorraine Kealohapauole Nahale-a
   Abraham Keliiliki Nahale-a
   Daniel Elliot Kaneheana Akiona
   Charles Hooipo Akiona
   William Kaenaokeahi Akiona
   Valentine Punilei Kam Lung
   William Humuula Luahiwa
   Cecil Luahiwa
   Clifford Nahale-a Hannah
   Anuhea Lana Nahalea-a
   Alberta Nani Nahale-a
   Albert Poai Nahale-a
   Analani Kelajeen Nahale-a
   Angeline Ululani Luahiwa
   James Kaleiheana Luahiwa
   Barbara Ululaniokahekili Luahiwa
   Mililani Bess Luahiwa
   Emerson Reginald Poaimoku Luahiwa
   Wallace Taro Yong Hing Grace
   Magdalena Nahale-a
   Isaac Maikai Kaapuni Gloor
   Jon Hans Kaapuni
   Don Eben Kaapuni
   Aaron Dean Kaapuni
   Winnifred Nalani Phillips
   Beverly Ann Phillips
   Sherwood Vincent Phillips
   Phillis Asuela Phillips
   Dwight Burton Phillips
   Matthew Gene Phillips
   Noreen Noelani Nishie
   Lakme Setsuo Nishie
   Bruce Akinori Nishie
   Jasmine Inamine
   Gerald Inamine
   Brian Toshio Inamine
   Jay Craig Robertson
   Mary Katie Robertson
   Victor Herbert Kukahiwa
   Eugene Alan Hinano Phillips
   Anthony Vincent Phillips III
   Vanessa Joan Kehaulani Phillips
   Kanila Karl Kealiiheleua Tripp
   Kaleihulumamo Kauhukai Tripp
   Kamaile Kekuialono Tripp
   Kanoelani Irene Tripp
   Michaela Kamalei Phillips
   Duane Vincent Phillips
   Kahealani Kuala Phillips     
Fifth Generation
   Lorraine Annette Walker
   Stanley Edward Walker, Jr.
   Barbara Patricia Walker
   Linda Jo Walker
   Shirley Jean Walker
   Albert Poai Nahale-a
   Emerson Kihei Nahale-a
   Ron Kaimilani Nahale-a
   Wilma Emiko Pualani Akiona
   Bernadette Yuriko Analani Akiona
   Daryl Takahashi Kaena Akiona
   William Wright Grace
   Searle Wailana Grace
   Searleen Vanessa Ann Punilei Grace
   Rose Mary Leialoha Grace
   Pearleen Sonny Grace
   Charles Ruddy Grace
   Lynn Dell Leimomi Gunderson
   Lester William Kalani Luahiwa
   Larry Kaleialii Luahiwa
   Leann Lahela Luahiwa
    Davin Clifford Hannah
   Sharie Dayne Hannah
   Paula Anuhea Andaya
   Pauline Alohalani Andaya
   Paulsa Analani Andaya
   Richard Cresogono Pono Andaya
  ,2,3 sons Albert Nahale-a and Connie Louise Miller
   Wayne Robert Nahaku Kimi
   Desher-dee Kehaulani Kimi
   Georgieann Mililani Chong
   Gracieann Kauikeelikolani Chong
   Edmond Keoki Chong, Jr.
   Ellsworth Kaleoaloha Chong
   Eldred Luahiwa Chong
   Ellis Victor Kealiionapua Chong
   Cedric Minoru Luahiwa Low
   Ronald Iolani Luahiwa
   Diane Leilani Luahiwa
   Melanie Leialoha Luhiwa
   Carlyann Leimomi Luahiwa
   Aaron James Keleiheana Luahiwa
   Josiah Benjamin Hubbell
   Cynthia Healiionapua Hubbell
   Alrick Kawaauhau Hubbell
   Orrin Haleakala Hubbell
   Sandy Anuenue Hubbell
   Carl Kaulana Hubbell
   William Maluhia Hubbell, Jr.
   Jace Lyndon McQuivey
   Jarrod Lono McQuivey
   James Lee McQuivey
   Erika Kuuipolehua Grace
   Shereline Kalanikiekie Gloor
   Sherena Kaiulani Gloor
   Tania Noelani Gloor
   Shane Gloor
   Shayna Gloor
   Jon Hans Kaapuni
   Natasha Healani Kaapuni
   Fallon Tawn Kalanikiekie Kaapuni
   Sherron Dudoit
   Isaac Kaapuni Maikai Albino
   Aaron Dean Kaapuni
   David Ikaikaakalena Carvalho
   Berwyn T. J. Kealiimahiai Carvalho
   Lesmond Kealanohea Carvalho
   Kavin Hooipo Kahikina
   Kelvin Kehaukakahiaka Kahikina
   Misty Lehua Phillips
   Jonathan Michael Schweinsberg
   Monica Pomaikalani Phillips
   Dwight Burton Phillips
   Jason Kalani Phillips
   Pookela Lambert Yotaro Nishie
   Pilialoha Mary Yuki Nishie
   Jerusha Keikilani Kaulukukui
   Jared Micah Kaulukukui
   Jordanne Kaualilinoepunikeanuenue Kaulukukui
   Gerald Seiko Inamine
   Lance Inamine
   Leezah Inamine
   Asher Paekealeokanalu Robertson
   Zane Ke Ala Hele O Na Ho'okele Robertson
   Roman Tangianau Terangi Tama Pikikaa Benioni
   Jessica Elizabeth Kamoaniokekaioloheia Benioni
   Kenneth Kaikena Arohatahi Benioni
   Vincent Maluhia Rittmeister Kukahiwa
   Mehta Lahele Rittmeister Kukahiwa
   Braunson Kaeoahonui Kukahiwa
   Tuesday Phillips
   Kuelana Phillips
   Roman Akoni Phillips
   Tatiana Ben Ami
   David Kealiiheleua Tripp
   Kelly Elizabeth Kealohaonalani Tripp
   Belle Moanikealokamaile HArris
   Lucille Kaleihulumamo Harris
   Amberlynn Kealoha Kamalani Harris
   KIani Hi'ileinani Miller
   Ty Anthony Andrew Miller
   Quincy Davis Rusk
   Noah Glen Rusk
   Noelani Mahinahina Ana Kinikia Phillips
Sixth Generation
   Tammy Kaleonani Fuller
   Harris Maluhia Fuller
   Lance Kamakani Fuller
   Lorelle Alohanani Fuller
   Landon Keolawaiwai Fuller
   Rebecca Walker
   Ashley Walker
   Trent Walker
   Anita Walker
   Greg Newman
   Selena Newman
   Mitchell Hauoli Pinkerton
   Kekaiokalani Vernal Grace
   Keliikuhaimoana Searle Grace
   Keonehaliiokealoha Edmund Grace
   Ponopilialoha Abraham Grace
   Clayton Wailana Bega
   Wesley Kaulanaulaokamoana Bega
   Richard Keomaka
   Joseph Keomaka
   Stacy Keomaka
   Dawn Keomaka
   David Keomaka
   Rachael Kehaulani Nishimura
   Chad Tetsua Iolii Nishimura
   Bobbie Hiroko Nishimura
   Lee Koshiro Ikaika Nishimura
   Jennifer Uilana Akiona
   Kimberly Hokulani Akiona
   Pamela Lakelani Akiona
   Dane Kamuela Gunderson
   Jeffrey Nahale Luahiwa
   Abigail Hiileikapolionamakua Luahiwa
   Jessica Luahiwa
   Rachel Lahela Rodrigues
   Maria Kauikeelikolani Perez
   Juanita Uluwehi Perez
   Gabrielle Perez
   Roland Kaleiheana Chong
   Keoki Edmond Chong
   Brandon Kealoha Chong
   Kimo Christopher Luahiwa Cordova
   Leonard Anthony Luahiwa Fuentes
   Melanee Leialoha Luahiwa Fuentes
   Isaiah Keone Luahiwa Rossil
   Aliya Lani Luahiwa Rossil
   Sophia Aaron Kanani Luahiwa Rossil
   Healiionapua Hubbell
   Penelope Kamanaoikapuuwai Hubbell
   Josiah Benjamin Hubbell
   Louis McCrae Punini Prescott II
   Bernard Nainoa Prescott
   Keone Prescott
   Beau Nahokulaniuimalunaokaipapau Prescott
   Maluhia Amani Prescott
   K Carrie Prescott
   Makaio Hubbell Prescott
   Natasha Lehualani Akina
   Nicole Akina
   Destiny Kahealani Hubbell
   Amulek Richard Maluhia Hubbell
   Jared Ikaikanokeolalaulani Hubbell
   Sariah Ululaniokahekili Hubbell
   Mellissa Erin Hubbell
   Kanalukukahiokekaioli Sproat
   Heuaheamoanianilehuokumupiku Sproat
   Kauhiwaimahiluikaleianuenue Sproat
   Kahaakeaalohaainahanuonakupuna Sproat
   Kaihonaomaunakeakahiluneikaua Kaopumele Sproat
   Kahookelewaanokalaino Kawaa Sproat
   Marques Daniel Hoomaiakahanaakuamaokekeiki Kahawaii
   Tobi Masina Hubbell
   Zavion Hubbell
   Caden Hubbell
   Laakea McQuivey
   Jarrod McQuivey
   Noah McQuivey
   Kamaile McQuivey          
   Jansen H McQuivey
   Janessa H McQuivey
   Logan K McQuivey
            +3 more
   Tamar Nahaku Villaruz
   Edwin C M Villaruz
   Quade K Villaru
   Dereck Perreira
   Deison Keone Tabudlo
Seventh Generation
            Travis Ikaikakoa Bradshaw
            Kayleen Kamaaliiwahine Bradshaw
            Kiani Fuller
            Darius Fuller
            Bryant Manokalani Woolsey
   Rowan Barbera
   Kahlder Barbera
  ,2 +2 Pau Boys
   + 1 Girl (Peni)
   2 Hubbell Boys (Josiah)
   Ana Julia Kamaliiwahineleimakamae Vieira Prescott
   Kainalu Finau
   Kaimana Finau
   Ana Teamo Finau
   Alexis Tutuvatu
    Aaron Donner Taele
   Auzten Taele
   Faith Schwenke
   Rayne Schwenke
   Heaven Schwenke
   Shayde Schwenke
   Promise Schwenke
   Breeze Schwenke
   Chloe Maile-Hokulani Hubbell
   Amulek Maluhia Richard Hubbell II
   + 1 Girl (Sariah)
   Naia Mohalahoukaikenaikamala'eSproat
   Sarai Kapolilau'aeokailima Sproat
   Kamakaleimalamalamaiaikanaau Maraea Armsworthy
   Waimanuokaohukipumailailuna Ablao
   1 Girl (Erika)